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What makes the agricultural products of Santorini unique is mainly the soil of the island. Among these products, the famous "fava" has an outstanding place. This plant is being cultivated for ages in Greece, as show the remains of fava seeds found during archaeological excavations on the island.
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Our land, at the location Exomytis, near the picturesque village of Saint George, neighbors on the sand; during the month of December we sow the seeds in the blessed, fertile soil of our volcanic island.
For a whole winter the soil is washed by the rain, whipped by the winds, "cooled down" sweetly by the breeze; and then comes the sun of the Aegean spring to complete the maturing of seeds that were not watered at all during this time! We should also stress the importance of the organic process followed, which ensures the excellent quality of fava beans. Enjoy!

Cultivating our fava

φάβα με φλοιό
The "lathouri", or as we call it in Santorini the "arakas", are sowed by hand on our ploughed soil. After several days the seeds start growing, but along there grows a quantity of other weeds, which we remove with much effort, patience and considerable …stooping, in order to ensure the smooth growth of the plants. The soil is being cleaned from weeds, surveyed and cared for, every four to five days. In May, around five to six a.m. –so early, because we need as much moisture as possible– we pick and bundle (always by hand) the plants that have been dried by the sun.
"Our fava is the first
certified organic fava of Santorini."
Thereafter, on the spot, the bundles undergo a processing where the well hidden in the foliage of the plant fava beans are separated from the leaves, gathered and bagged up, ready to be transported to our warehouses. With considerable patience, small quantities are slowly separated and cleaned of all small stones and other unwanted material; then dried and stored in our cellars without addition of any preservatives, to mature for one year. There follows the peeling of the beans in a mill, where the peel cracks and the seed comes off. Our golden and unique "fava" is thus created. The last step is the packing of the product in small bags certified for suitability. The whole production and packing are certified by the Organizations "AGROCERT" and "ΔΗΩ" (DIO – Certification and Inspection Organization of Organic Products), and such certification guarantees the quality of the organic product.

"Our fava is the first certified organic fava, of Santorini."
Organic fava of Santorini

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